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Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Important Note: NorthBoundary is now SalesManager. SalesManager retains all of the customer relationship management and proposal automation benefits of its predecessor, allowing you to create proposals, manage your sales funnel, win and retain top customers. To read more about this exciting change, click here.


You can export your account's different entity information as CSV spreadsheet files throughout SalesManager, formerly known as NorthBoundary. This includes:

  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Users
  • Forms
  • Assets

This article will walk users through exporting their different entity data sets in SalesManager.

Note: These exports are not Reports.

Exporting CSV Files

This feature is only available for some entities, see the list above.

  1. Navigate to the relevant entity page.
  2. Use the search and filters to narrow down what you want to export.
  3. Use the Edit Columns button (if available) to add or remove fields:
      1. Click to select an Available Field and click the right arrow to move it to the Selected Fields. *repeat as many times as necessary
      2. Click to select a Selected Field and click the left arrow to move it to the Available Fields. *repeat as many times as necessary
      3. Click to select a Selected Field and click the up and down arrows to set the arrangement order. *repeat as many times as necessary
      4. Click Save when done.
        • Note: Click Default Selection to reset the Selected Fields to their default order.


  4. There is usually a drop-down menu on the search bar.  Click the drop-down button.
  5. Click Export CSV Files
  6. This will download a CSV File to your computer. You can use any spreadsheet software to open and edit your export file. However, we recommend you use Google Sheets.
    Important Note: Microsoft Excel automatically converts large integers to scientific notation (example: 1.2345E+19). We do not recommend you use Microsoft Excel, nor do we support their software. Google Sheets is free software that works well with large integers.

Note: Some exports will have a _ID column that provides an ID Number for each row. This is useful when updating these entities using the import tool or matching a child entity to a parent entity.


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