Managing a Pricing Proposal Worksheet

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Derek Torres
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Important Note: NorthBoundary is now SalesManager. SalesManager retains all of the customer relationship management and proposal automation benefits of its predecessor, allowing you to create proposals, manage your sales funnel, win and retain top customers. To read more about this exciting change, click here.


After you create a Project Proposal you can build out a Worksheet, where you can add parts to the proposal. SalesManager, formerly known as NorthBoundary, will use the added parts on your worksheet and your preset project price factors to help estimate the total cost and price of a Project. You will then be able to make adjustments before creating a Proposal.

This article will walk you through managing a Pricing Proposal Worksheet.

To navigate to your a Project's Worksheet:

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click on Project Mgmt.
  2. Click to go to the relevant Project Proposal Page.
  3. Click the Worksheet Tab to open the Worksheet Details and Summary.


Worksheet Definitions, Structure, and Table of Contents

When a Project is created, it will automatically create a ProjectArea, and Unit.



  • Unit - This represents the unit that you are installing or repairing. A unit has its own worksheet, where you can add parts and labor that represent the work needed to perform the work on this unit. Unit's must have a Parent Area that it's assigned to. You can have multiple units in a single area.
  • Area - This represents an on-site area of a building or facility where units are or will be located. You can have multiple areas in a single project.
  • Project - There is only one Project. It contains all Parent Areas and Units.

Video Walkthrough of Worksheet Structure and Table of Contents

The video below will walk you through creating and editing Areas and Units on a Project.


Editing a Unit Worksheet


Video Walkthrough

Unit Worksheet- 0:50-5:15



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