Utilizing the Data Plate Reader for Assets

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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The Data Plate Reader on a Maintenance Proposal Asset Inventory section allows you to easily enter asset information using pictures of your asset plate to automatically pull that data from the image.

This article will walk you through using the Data Plate Reader for Assets.

Note: Before you begin, you must add the Asset(s) to your Asset Inventory to use the Data Plate Reader.

  1. Navigate to the relevant Maintenance Job.
  2. Click on the Assets Tab.
  3. Click on the Grid View Button.
  4. Next to the Asset you want to pull data from, click on the Green Plus symbol.
  5. On the new menu, click the Green Plus symbol.
    • Select the image from your computer.
  6. Click the Process Image button.
  7. Review your Serial Number is read correctly.
  8. Confirm your Model Number is entered correctly.
  9. Click on the Auto Fill Button.
  10. Close the photo reader.
  11. Repeat as necessary for other assets.

Step by Step Walkthrough with Images

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