Creating a Project Proposal for a ServiceTrade Deficiency

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Important Note: NorthBoundary is now SalesManager. SalesManager retains all of the customer relationship management and proposal automation benefits of its predecessor, allowing you to create proposals, manage your sales funnel, win and retain top customers. To read more about this exciting change, click here.


In the ServiceTrade Mobile App, Technicians can add Deficiencies for Assets in the field. These deficiencies represent opportunities that can be quoted using Project Proposals in SalesManager, formerly known as NorthBoundary, via ServiceTrade Deficiencies Menu. This menu syncs all deficiencies from your ServiceTrade account to your SalesManager account. Here, you can quickly create Project Proposals for these deficiencies.

This article will walk you through quoting a ServiceTrade Deficiency using SalesManager Project Proposals. Once the proposal is sold, you can learn how to Turn a Sold Project Proposal Into a ServiceTrade Job here.


Creating a Project Proposal for a ServiceTrade Deficiency

  1. In SalesManager, on the Navigation Bar, click Project Mgmt.
  2. On the top right of the Project Management Menu, click the arrow drop-down menu.
  3. Click New from ServiceTrade Deficiencies. This will automatically list all ServiceTrade Deficiencies that have been reported.
  4. Check to select one or more deficiencies.
    • Note: After you select the first deficiency, you will only be able to select other deficiencies from the same work location as the first.
  5. Click the Add to Job button. This will start the Project Proposal creation process and autofill key deficiency information into your proposal.
    • Note: The deficiency description will populate in the Project Desc field.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Edit your Worksheet(s) and fill in the quantities of materials and labor.
    • Note: A worksheet will be created for each deficiency selected. The name of the worksheet will match the deficiency description from ServiceTrade. You can rename the worksheet if necessary.
  8. Follow the normal steps for creating a project proposal.
  9. Follow the normal sales process for a Project Proposal
  10. Once the Project Proposal Opportunity is marked as Sold, the Opportunity can be pushed to ServiceTrade as a Job with Service that is associated with the originating Deficiency.

Important Note: Currently, when you add a deficiency to a proposal, the deficiency status and resolution do not change.

Turning an Approved Project Proposal Into a ServiceTrade Job

Once your Project Proposal is Sold, you will likely want to turn the Proposal into a ServiceTrade Job. Follow the steps in this article: Turning a Sold Project Proposal Into a ServiceTrade Job

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