Creating and Managing Templates in the Setup Template Library

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Important Note: NorthBoundary is now SalesManager. SalesManager retains all of the customer relationship management and proposal automation benefits of its predecessor, allowing you to create proposals, manage your sales funnel, win and retain top customers. To read more about this exciting change, click here.


The Setup Template Library in SalesManager, formerly known as NorthBoundary, can be used to create text templates with fillable fields. This walkthrough will review where to find the Setup Template Library in the Settings, configuration options, and how to utilize Templates within the Proposal Creator.


Finding the Setup Template Library under Settings

  1. Click the Settings button.
  2. Within the Common Setup section, click on Setup Template Library.

    Note: You can also use the dropdown menu on the left, as well as the search bar, to find this section directly.

Creating and Modifying Template Categories

Any created text template needs to be assigned to a category. This section walks through the steps required for creating and modifying template categories.

  1. On the Setup Template Library page, click on the pencil icon to open the Category editor.
  2. In the Template Category name field, enter a name.
  3. Click the checkbox to enable Read Only access.
  4. Click the This Category is specific to this Organization dropdown menu and select an Organization to make the template only available to that Organization.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To update an existing category, click on the template name, modify as needed, and click Save.

Creating Text Templates in Setup Equipment Templates

  1. On the Setup Template Library page, click in the text editor field to add text as needed.

    Note: Fillable fields can be added using the Insert Fields dropdown.

  2. Select an existing Template Category from the dropdown menu or enter a name to create a new Template Category.
  3. Click Save.

Utilizing Text Templates in the Proposal Creator

  1. Within a Maintenance Management Job, click the Proposal tab.
  2. Click on Load Section From Library.
    Note: Save Section to Library will add the text to the Setup Template Library.
  3. Select the Template Category.

    Note: The Append dropdown will allow you to add text, replace all text in the section, or add text at the cursor position.

  4. When you are finished editing, click Save.


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