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Having issues logging in to your NorthBoundary or ServiceTrade Products accounts? This article will cover FAQs and step-by-step instructions related to user credentials issues. We will also discuss our security policies.

Important Note: ServiceTrade holds security in the highest regard and assures its users that we will never request their login credentials. Your trust and data security are our top priorities. Be careful of any message claiming to be from ServiceTrade that requests your user credentials. This is likely a phishing scam.

I Forgot my Password.

  1. Attempt to log into the NorthBoundary Office App (or any other ServiceTrade App).
    • If you can't log in, click the Forgot Password? Link on the log-in screen, then skip to Step 5:
      Forgot Password.png
  2. Click on your Profile Photo.
  3. Click on My Profile.
  4. Click on the Reset Password button.
  5. This will send you an email to the email address in your account settings that will allow you to reset your password.
  6. Click the click here to reset your password link to be redirected to a Change Your Password Menu.
  7. Enter and Re-enter in your New Password.
    Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 2.31.44 PM.png
  8. Click Reset Password.

I am an Account Admin, can I change my users' passwords?

As an Account Admin, you can only send your user's password reset emails.

    1. Log in as an Admin.
    2. Navigate to the User Mgmt page.
    3. Select the User whose password you want to reset.
    4. On the User's page, click a Send Reset password email button.
    5. This action will send a password reset email to the user's email address.
    6. Click the click here to reset your password link to be redirected to a Change Your Password Menu.
    7. The user will then click Confirm to be redirected to a Change Your Password Menu.
    8. They will then enter and re-enter their New Password.
      Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 2.31.44 PM.png
    9. They will then click Reset Password to finalize the password reset.

If the user does not recieve their email have them check their Spam or Junk Mail folder from or

If they do not receive the email, you can change the user's email. Follow the instructions here Creating and Managing Users. Then follow the instructions above:



I am locked out of my account?

Users who make too many failed attempts to log in will be locked out of their accounts. Because of this, if you have attempted to log in a handful of times and cannot remember your password, we highly recommend you use the Forgot Password workflow to prevent yourself from being locked out.

If you are locked out, you will need to contact ServiceTrade Support. You must email support with the same email assigned to the locked-out user. This is so we can verify your identity and allows us to protect the security of your account. We cannot unlock an account over the phone or from a different email.


Can ServiceTrade Support change my user passwords?

ServiceTrade cannot change a user's password.

If you contact ServiceTrade Support for a password reset, they can send a user the password reset email that is accessible via this workflow.

If the user does not recieve their email they should check their Spam or Junk Mail folder from or

If they do not receive the email, ServiceTrade Support cannot change a user's email address and resend the forgotten password email. That user needs to reach out to an Account Admin at their company and have them change the user's email. The Admin can follow the instructions here on Editing Users' Emails.

Will ServiceTrade ever ask for my credentials?

ServiceTrade places the utmost importance on security and user trust. We are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of our user's data. It is our steadfast policy to never request or solicit user credentials, such as passwords, in any form. We understand that maintaining the privacy and security of user accounts is paramount to building and maintaining trust in our platform.

We employ industry-leading security measures and best practices to protect user information and ensure that ServiceTrade remains a safe and reliable service for all. Your security is our priority, and we stand by our commitment to never compromise it by asking for sensitive login details.

Are there best practices for Passwords?

Creating strong and secure user passwords is essential in safeguarding personal and online information. Your password must contain:

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least 3 of the following:
    • Lowercase letters (a-z)
    • Uppercase letters (A-Z)
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*)

Though we only require 8 characters we highly recommend using longer 16-64 character passwords. Avoid using easily guessable information, such as birthdates or common words. It's also crucial to have unique passwords for different accounts, as this prevents a breach in one account from compromising others.

Regularly updating passwords and refraining from sharing them with others is equally important. Employing the use of password managers to generate and securely store complex passwords can significantly enhance security. In essence, a strong password acts as a critical barrier against unauthorized access, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and personal and company accounts.

I am a NorthBoundary + ServiceTrade customer, and my ServiceTrade credentials do not work?

Starting November 30th, 2023, when you log in to ServiceTrade on the web, you'll be redirected to our universal login page, where you will now use your NorthBoundary credentials to log in to ServiceTrade if you use the same email for both NorthBoundary and ServiceTrade.

This will serve as your new single login for NorthBoundary, ServiceTrade—and the rest of ServiceTrade's ancillary products listed in this article: Single Sign-On (SSO) is Coming.

What is SSO and MFA?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate into multiple applications and websites using just one set of credentials.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to a resource such as an application or online account.

Click here to learn more about these topics.

Does ServiceTrade have any security partnerships?

We are partnering with Auth0 to securely store user credentials and allow us to implement Single-Sign On (SSO) functionality across our applications.


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