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Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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In SalesManager, you can set an Asset Type for Alternate Export Listing using the Asset Type Manager for each asset type. This is useful if you need to create custom asset export templates for maintenance proposals that export assets from SalesManager in a format ready for importing to an external system.


Though you can do this one by one, you can also use the Import Alternate Type List to import these Asset Type for Alternate Export Listing in bulk.

This article will walk you through using the Import Alternate Type List Import Tool.

Importing The Alternate Type List

  1. Click the wheel icon on the top right of the page.
  2. Click the Maintenance Mgmt button on the Nav Bar.
  3. Click the Asset Type Manager button.
  4. Click the Import Alternate Type List button.
  5. Click the Download Asset Type Template. This will download a .CSV file to your computer.
  6. Open the .CSV file in a Spreadsheet Software.
  7. Add your external systems Asset Type IDs in the Alternate Type ID column.
  8. When done, save the file and export as a .CSV file.
  9. Click the Select a CSV File button on the Import Alternate Asset Type List Menu.
  10. Find and select the file you just saved and exported.
  11. Click the Import button.

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