New Permission to Limit Salesperson Access and User Manager Field (April 22nd, 2024)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Today's release will allow your sales team to better control what specific Salespeople and Manager users can view and edit within their own organization. Combined with our last release that added the ability to Assign Multiple Organizations to Users we are striving to give you more control of what your sales team can or can't view and edit across your entire business.

Today's release sees the following additions to SalesManager:

A New User Permission That Limits What Sales Users Can View

There is a new user role permission called Limit Users by Owner within Organization.


When this new permission is added to existing or custom roles that are assigned to users, those users will only be allowed and restricted in the following ways:

  • Users who own or are assigned to an opportunity, proposal, note, or file will be able to view all details and add, edit, and delete any work they have done.
  • They will not be able to change anything that is not owned by them. They will be able to see that the data exists within their organization, but not view the full details.

Which menu items are affected by this new permission?

The following menu items and the data contained within are affected by this new permission:

  • Customer and Contact Details
  • Opportunity Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Project Management
  • Survey Manager

Are there any exceptions to view and edit access when assigned this permission?

  • If a user is a designated Manager of a salesperson, they will be able to view and edit data that is owned by that salesperson.
  • If a salesperson user is assigned to another user's opportunity's Sales Split, they will be able to view and edit that opportunity.

Manager Field on the Add and Edit User Page

On the Add and Edit User Page there is a new field available called Manager. This manager field allows you to select any user in your account that you want to designate as this specific user's manager. This field is meant to be used for Sales Users. The manager user that is selected in this field will be able to view any data associated with the sales user.

Example: In the image below Rom is my sales user. I have selected William Riker as his manager. This means that William Riker will be able to see any data associated with Rom.


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