Appcues, Improvements, and Bug Fixes (June 26th, 2024)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Today's release sees the following addition to the SalesManager Web App:

Overview: This release contains some bug fixes for issues with user password requests and resolved an issue with Maintenance Jobs Service Pricing not displaying data on jobs with a large number of assets. Improvements were made in customer search, customer import from ServiceTrade and Form Builder. Appqcues were installed

Purpose: This release has a mixture of items in it. The only new feature, Appcues, was installed for better customer communication and access to the knowledge base. The other items were UX improvements.


What is Appcues?

Appcues is third-party software that allows our teams to announce within SalesManager new features, access support articles, and track popular usage areas of the application.

Appcues Image.jpg

Customer Search Update

Improvements were made to allow users to search for customers that contained special characters.

Example: In the below image you see we are searching for "Pete's Pizza." The special character is the apostrophe, and before, it would return no results. Now, you can search for words with special characters!


Contact Search Update

Improvements were made to allow users to search for contacts that contained special characters.

See the Customer Search Update for more details on this improvement.

Customer Import from ServiceTrade

The import process has been streamlined. You can now select multiple ServiceTrade Offices to map to a specific SalesManager Organization. The prior experience was a one-to-one relationship.

The ability to choose multiple offices allows the users to complete the import in less time and not require a slow one-by-one office import. There is also now an import all that imports all customers with all offices to one Organization. When the import is completed, an email notification is sent to the user. It includes a summary of the imported information.


Bug Fixes

  • Maintenance Mngt -> Service Pricing: We fixed an issue in service pricing that was causing data results to not display any information. This issue only affected jobs with a large number of assets. The example provided had 1800 assets on one job.
    • Note: There is a lag time when displaying a large amount of asset data on this screen. Normally, it displays within a second or 2, but something this large could take 30-60 seconds or longer.
  • User Mngt -> Reset Password: Resolved a bug preventing users from sending a reset password email to a customer. The Reset Password button now works properly.

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