Appcues and Bug Fixes (July 10th, 2024)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Today's release sees the following addition to the SalesManager Web App:

This release contains in-app tooltips and messages for frequently asked questions, release notes, and system maintenance alerts.

Some changes were made to Security and User permissions, Parent/Child relationships, and reporting.

This release contains a mixture of smaller items and bug fixes, but there are no new feature changes.

Appcues Tool Tips and Messages

Now that this is installed, we will be able to bring user’s attention to new features, access support articles and track popular usage areas of the application. This version contains:

  • Tooltips to articles for frequently asked questions.
  • A link to the latest release notes.
  • Alert about system downtime coming on 07/13/24.
    Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 12.56.35 PM.png

Bug Fixes

Maintenance Mngt -> Job Listing -> Dead Jobs

We fixed an issue where dead job labor hours were appearing on the Print PM Register. The change was made for all Opportunities that were marked as status Dead, automatically updating the Job Status to Inactive. Inactive jobs do not appear on the Print PM Register. If an opportunity is resurrected and changed to an active opportunity, the Job Status will automatically change to Active. The Job Status will change the Print PM Register for Active and Inactive labor hours.

Opportunity linked to a job (Stage - Dead)

Job Listing (Showing Opp Status and Job Status)

Maintenance Management Reports


Opportunities -> Select Opportunity -> Submit for Turnover Button -> Job Plan

We added the ability to export the CSV to Coins from the Job Plan. This was only available under Asset Actions. It now exists in both places.


Settings Gear -> User Access Mgmt -> Roles -> Organizational Admin Role -> Permissions

A new permission was added to allow Organizational Admins the ability to see Roles. Only Administrators can assign this ability to specific Roles.

  • These users will not be able to delete roles that were not created by the users.
  • Roles will be locked from deletion if any user is assigned to the selected role.

Customer Mgmt -> Customer List -> Select Customer -> Parent/Child Relationships

  • An issue was resolved that prevents a Parent from being linked to the same Parent Account, preventing a circular reference.
  • An issue was resolved that prevents a Parent from being linked to another Parent Account. This prevents a situation in which a customer could be both a parent and a child.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented a location from being reassigned to a different Parent Account. The ability to reassign parents to a work location has been fixed.

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